Wednesday, 15 June 2011

hhmm..dis m0nth fully with exam..
evry week exam..
letih la..exam..exam..
hhmm..i hate pe0ple yg b'lagak baik..
iskk..the w0rds dat i have wr0te it's n0t menti0n 2 any pe0ple..
even i've pr0bs..but dis is my 0wn bisnes..
n0 need 2 bz b0dy..
hhmm..i try t0 f0llow ur attitude..'s n0t easy f0r me..
ya.. i kn0w..s0 many things dat i'd d0..
but it d0esnt meant dat i want t0 d0 like dat..
h0nestly..i try t0 foll0w..
but..give me s0me space..
try 2 make it like a bef0re..
h0pefully.. last of this m0nth i will be p0sted t0 kedah again..
hate it...but..
i'm waiting the date..
thanx minamy wiwie c0z sudi ajak dd blik ngn kam0..
appreciate it s0 much..s0 xyh la ssh nek bas kn..
n xde da la p'kre2 yg tdk dingini ketika berada didlm bas nnt..

iloveyouwiwie <3

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