Friday, 25 March 2011


y0u were there t0 light my day..
y0u were there t0 guide me thr0ugh..
fr0m my days d0wn n 0n..
i'll never st0p thinking 0f y0u..
h0w can i f0rget all dat..
when u're the 0ne wh0 make me smile..
u'll always be a part 0f me..
h0w i wish u were still mine..
never will f0rget the day..
h0w we've met n came dis far..
we all kn0w we g0t dis feeling..
but s0meh0w it has t0 end up here..
i kn0w it's me wh0 said gudbye..
n dat's the hardest thing t0 d0..
caused u mean s0 much t0 me n guide the truth fr0m me t0 u..
f0r all the thing i've d0ne n said..
f0r all the hurt that i've caused u..
i h0pe u will f0rgive me baby..
cause dat wasn't wat i meant t0 d0..


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